Tyler's Economy Doing Well

Despite fears nationally that an economic downturn was inevitable in much of the United States, the Economic Development Council in Tyler announced economic gains in 2001. According to statistics, 2008 jobs were created or retained last year compared to only 445 jobs in 2000. Also in 2001 unemployment rates were at 4.7 percent. That is the second lowest percentage in over ten years. Property rates went up 3.5 percent and home sales increased 4.6 percent in Tyler as well. Tyler's total workforce grew by over 1400 people in 2001 with an increase of 1.5 percent.

The only area that showed an small economic downturn in Tyler would be the hospitality industry according to the Tyler Economic Development President Tom Mullins. He attributes the lower numbers in the industry to the lower numbers of people traveling since the September 11th attacks.