C.P.S. Take Four Children From Family Home

Four Lindale children have been taken from their home by Child Protective Services as a welfare investigation begins.

Just over a week ago, the parents--Luis Sanchez and Melissa Rayner, were arrested for child endangerment in what Lindale authorities believe was cruel and unusual punishment.

All four Children, whose ages range from 6 to 12 years old have been taken to separate homes of different relatives.

The mother of the children, Melissa Rayner and her husband voluntarily allowed CPS to take the children Tuesday. The couple have hired a private attorney to represent them. The allegations of child endangerment stem from earlier this month when Lindale authorities were called to the home for welfare concerns. That's when one of the children said he had to dig ditches in freezing cold weather as punishment for bad behavior. CPS will now evaluate how the children are treated according to Defense Attorney Robert Perkins, "CPS will make the determination as to if the kids are in a safe environment or not," says Perkins. "It's standard practice for CPS to remove the kids from an environment that may be questionable."

The case has been handed over to a grand jury, depending upon what CPS reports will determine when or if the kids will return to their parents custody.