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East Texas Soldier Laid To Rest

An East Texas native is laid to rest today, leaving behind a wife and two young children.  Cavalry Scout Christopher McCloud, 24 of Athens was killed last week when the vehicle he was traveling in was hit by a roadside bomb.  KLTV 7 was at his funeral today, where support poured out, remembering McCloud as a true East Texas hero.  

With heads bowed in prayer, friends and family of McCloud comforted each other, knowing he died doing want he loved.  

"We prayed to God that Chris would come back to us safely to Sheena, Aidan and Landyn, but that wasn't to be," said McCloud's friend Roy Clay.  In his honor, McCloud was awarded three military medals, including a purple heart that was given to his wife, Sheena.  

"I am honored and privileged to stand before you, and let you know that I am the proud wife of Private First Class Christopher McCloud," said McCloud's wife Sheena McCloud.  Outside, East Texans paid their own respects.

"He believed deeply that it was a cause worth fighting for, and ultimately if necessary worth dying for," said McCloud's former boss Lee Bush.  After the funeral, a procession of cars, with McCloud's body leading the way, drove around the square in downtown Athens.  Hundreds stood by, watching, holding American Flags with a hand over their hearts.

"We are here today to pay our respects to a hero," said Sons of the American Revolution President Charles Luna.  "Our forefathers risked their lives and their fortune, unfortunately, Chris gave his to preserve that they risked their lives and fortunes for."  It's the legacy he left behind in his two boys, Aidan and Landyn, that will carry on forever.

"I can't wait for the boys to know and understand the hero, soldier and man that is their father," said McCloud.  "Sons who lost a father, but will never lose their hero."  

McCloud left for Iraq in May and was scheduled to come home in November.

Tracy Watler, Reporting. tracy@kltv.com


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