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Freedom Fighters: Walter Harper

At the age of 83, Walter Harper has a lifetime full of memories, with some of the most vivid being from World War Two.

Harper was assigned to the Twelfth Marine Corps Depot Company at Pearl Harbor, but getting to Pearl proved to be precarious. The U.S.S. Clayton, with Harper and other marines aboard, was attacked out of Panama and had to return to the Canal until additional ships and subs could come to their aid. Their second try to make it to Pearl erupted into a full scale battle. Secured below deck with bombs hitting above, Harper feared he'd never make it out alive.

Harper went on to survive the Japanese second major attack on Pearl Harbor and the occupaton of Japan

He is the father of ten children, three of whom served in the military. He has grandsons pesently serving as well. The Harpers are three generations of Freedom Fighters.

Joan Hallmark, Reporting

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