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Police: Window Tinting Too Dark Becoming A Problem

Window tinting is a popular auto trend, but police say some East Texans are taking it too far and now there are new laws everyone needs to know. This year Tyler Police have issued nearly 500 citations for illegal window tinting.  Police say it's not only a safety issue for them, but for you and your family too.

It's a booming business for shop owner David Carder--window tinting car after car, but David says he'd be making a lot more money if he did what all his customers wanted.

"We generally receive anywhere from four to five calls per week for people wanting illegal tint. I just say 'I'm sorry I don't do illegal tints' and they say 'click.' A lot of people call and want five percent film all the way around," said David Carder.

Five percent window tint is 100 percent illegal. Texas law states for two or four door passenger cars, no window, including the back, can have film less than 25 percent.

"Thirty percent film would be legal for a four door car, 20 percent on the four door car would be illegal," David said.

But David said he sees a lot of people simply ignoring the law, and that's where the Tyler Police Department comes in.

Police said they are cracking down on illegal window tinting using a "tint meter," not only for their safety.

"If the window's tint is too dark we can't see who's in there, we don't know if they're pointing a gun at us, or if their hiding evidence.  You just really can't see in the vehicle," Officer Turner said.

But Police said it's for your safety too.

"They could be driving by you and they could be holding a gun out the window and you can't tell," he said.

And police said be cautious around cars with dark tinted windows, because they can only see you as clearly as you can see them.

Police said if you have any doubts your windows are legal, give them a call, because the fine for illegal window tint can range anywhere from $120 to $500.

Tracy Watler/Reporting: tracy@kltv.com

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