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09/20/07 - Nacogdoches

Gang Rape Reported/Rape Prevention

In Nacogdoches, a Stephen f Austin State University student has reported a gang rape. Police interviewed the woman last night at Nacogdoches Memorial Hospital. Friends took her there for treatment. The woman says she was at a party and was sexually assaulted by several individuals at a private residence.

A coincidental event was happening near the time of the alleged attack.   Stephen F. Austin State University counselor Charlotte Jackson was speaking about sexual assault prevention. She provides sound advice on acquaintance and date rape and partying. Jackson advised,  " It's good to go with a group with people. It's good to know a person several weeks and be with them on several occasions before you're alone with them. " Jackson also cautions students about what they drink. A drug induced assault isn't suspected in the latest reported rape in Nacogdoches, but they've certainly occurred. Women and men are advised to prepare their own drinks and once they leave it, don't drink it.

Jackson said each of the three counselors at SFA, on an average, sees about four sexual assault victims a semester.  That's not necessarily a reflection of need. National studies conclude of the women who are raped, only one out of ten report it.

Anyone walking by you may have been affected by a sexual assault. We randomly stopped Shelly Watson who knows a victim in a very personal way.    " The hardest thing for her was to come out and tell what happened. That was the hardest thing for her. The hardest thing for me was that I was her parent, " shared Watson.

The Women's Shelter of East Texas sees victims of all ages, but counselors know from national studies, young coed's are a likely target. Former WSET sexual assault counselor Judy May, who is now over human resources said,  " Her senior year in high school, that summer and freshman year in college, she's very vulnerable. She has more freedom than she has ever had. She sometimes is moving to a new location around new people. "

Last night's victim did the right thing by seeking medical attention and calling police. Trained nurses gather forensic evidence and police obtain early leads. The goal is to prevent other young women from becoming a victim too.   Also young teens, in middle school and high school, should be closely supervised at teen dances and parties.

by Donna McCollum

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