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Neighbors Angry Over Marshall Dump Site

      Neighbors have reported hundreds of junk cars and trucks dumped on a private road off FM 2625 in Harrison County, and tempers on both sides are reaching the boiling point.

     "There have been several problems over the years we've kind of let it go, all of the sudden junk cars, cars coming across my property, load after load after load" says area resident Billy Kitchen.

     And the numbers are growing by the day. A makeshift junk yard, Kitchen says, may be putting both his and his neighbors at risk.

     "I have a lot of concerns environmental hazard that's going in on my property back there when it rains leak down on my property" says are homeowner Eileen Bowls.

     Neighbors accuse the Heims family, who owns the yard, of repeatedly bullying them. Not only did they refuse to talk to KLTV 7, but a newspaper reporter says she was threatened. Neighbors that live in the area have tried every legal avenue to solve this problem with no luck, and the situation came to an ugly head with a confrontation 3 days ago.

    "Then I heard a dozer" Kitchen said.

    That bulldozer was plowing up the private road, and Kitchen, who is 71 years old, took the frightening step of standing in front of it.

     "I said I ain't moving, our whole life is right here, this is it" he said.

     Harrison County Environmental officers have given the Heims 90 days to remove the junk cars. Well aware of the tensions, they're asking everyone to let the legal process take its course.

"We are aware of the problem we're doing what we can, we ask that nobody take the matter into their own hands" said Harrison County Assistant District Attorney Josh Maness.

  But Kitchen says he'll do what he has to do to protect his property.

   "Somebody comes across that property line or tears that fence down, they don said they'd kill me as far as I'm concerned they're trying to get to me, if I get hurt I get hurt protecting my property" says Kitchen.

    The dumpsite has also caught the attention of Harrison County Fire Marshals. They've been investigating this case for the past year.

    Bob Hallmark 

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