Police Concerned About Rave Parties in East Texas

Several hundred people, ranging in age from 11 to 23, showed up at Skateworld 2000  Friday for what the business's owners thought was an innocent party.

Police say that party turned out to be a "rave" party...complete with loud techno music, dancing, underaged drinking, and the drug, ecstacy. The evening ended with four arrests for possession of a controlled substance, and two teens were given citations for underaged drinking.

While not every party with techno music and DJ's has drugs, police tell parents to be observant.

The rave scene is often described as its own subculture, and its party goers usually promote their events by hanging fliers in music stores.

Owners of SkateWorld 2000 say last week's party was planned by Deep South Productions, and they had  hired Smith County Sheriff's Deputies to guard the door.

Police say with hundreds of people inside, it's easy for drug use to occur without anyone knowing.