Texas Lotto Scam

The Texas State Lotto wants you to know a scam is in the works right here in Texas targeting senior citizens of Latin and Hispanic decent. That's according to Executive Director of the State Lotto Linda Cloud.

"They are being approached by individuals from Central or South America probably in parking lost and they are being told that these scam artists have winning lotto tickets and that they are not legal in this country and not able to claim their prize and that they will sell their prize to them for a certain amount of cash ."

But Cloud says it is all a lie and the Texas Lotto Commission wants to get the truth out.

"They use different excuses. They tell them they need money to claim the ticket. They are calling the lottery to verify the ticket is a winner and we don't verify tickets over the telephone."

In just three months, these scam artists have taken more than $78,000 from unsuspecting seniors and there have even been victims of this Texas lotto scam right here in East Texas. A Hispanic man in Lufkin was approached claiming to be from Guatemala saying he had won $10,000 from the lottery but before he knew it the man was swindled out $3900.

The Texas Lotto Commission says East Texans need to be cautious.

"We feel those people have no boundaries and the smaller towns are a good possibility for being hit. It is the suburbs of the big towns that these people are going to go to," says Cloud.

If anyone ever tries to approach you with a Lotto scam, police and the Lotto Commission ask you contact you local law enforcement so these scam artists can be taken off the streets.