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Chronic Pain Sufferer Finding Relief Through Botox Injections

"It's like having a muscle cramp. You know how painful those are, like 24 hours a day 7 days a week," said Todd Korich

He's talking about the chronic pain he's had in his back. He got into a car accident, crushing several vertebrae in his back and tells us what it's been like living with it for the last 19 years.

"There were days that I just laid on the floor, on the hard floor with my feet up. I just couldn't function anymore the pain would get so bad."

After several, more invasive, procedures that failed Todd's wish to relieve the pain would come in a tiny bottle. We know it as Botox.

"This ended up being a simpler option. Something we can do here in the exam room," said Todd's doctor James Michaels with Texas Spine & Joint.

That's where Dr. Michaels performs the procedure.

First the Botox is mixed with a saline solution, then injected into the problem areas in Todd's back.

"It blocks that nerve input, so the muscle doesn't get all that nerve input causing the muscle to contract and spasm," said Dr. Michaels.

Minutes later the procedure is complete. Todd said he felt a significant improvement after his initial treatments.

"My golf game improved greatly," said Todd laughing. "I got the full effects within a week."

After two years of getting the Botox injections Todd said he gets about 70% pain relief. Dr. Michaels says it's worth a discussion with your doctor to see if it's right for you.

"It's a case by case evaluation."

Todd's symptoms recur only after several months which has become a welcome change.

"I can do things more freely now and not have to worry about the consequences," said Todd.

An important note: This is considered an off label use of Botox. It is not FDA approved to use for pain management. But Dr. Michaels said there are no studies that show significant risk of complications.

Christine Nelson reporting.


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