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New Study Reveals America's Dirty Little Secret

A new survey shows a lot of Americans don't wash their hands when they go to the bathroom.  The number of folks walking around with all their germs might just make you wash your hands more often.

"I get the same paper towel, I take it and use it to pull the handle open," says Daniel Garcia of Tyler, who knows many men don't wash up properly. 

He's on to something. The study is alarming: 88 percent of women were observed not washing their hands in public restrooms.   For men, it's even worse! Sixty-six percent.

One out of three men just doesn't wash up.

"Why do they do that?  When they touch that handle -- like how many people have touched that handle.  I try to sanitize my hands before and after I get out of there," said Garcia. 

For men, handwashing is down nine percent in two years.

Greta Neal says she sees women not washing up as well.

"People come in and out of the bathroom, and they don't wash their hands.  They just come out of the bathroom and just go straight to the door!" she said.

The worst place in America is apparently a sports stadium.  At Atlanta's Turner Field, the players have gloves, and maybe the fans should.

Only 57 percent of men washed their hands.  But 95 percent of women did.

"But you really don't say anything to them because that's impolite. You just let them go on their way," said Carolyn Carter.

Overall the survey reveals 77 percent of Americans actually do wash their hands.  But in a telephone survey, those who say they "always" wash their hands after going to a public restroom?

92 percent.

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