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9/18/2007-East Texas

Helping a Young East Texan Battling Cancer

 Two communities have rallied around a young couple facing a tough road ahead, and they decided part of the answer is: Softball.

In August, 24-year-old Jason Rushing and his wife Allana found out life-changing news.

"We had go through so many MRI's, CTscan, biopsy and other biopsy's. And then to finally find out it is cancer," said Allana.

Jason was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma. A cancer found in his thigh, hip, and chest bones.

"It's been hard. I'm not one to sit around on the couch all day. Really with this you can't do much more," said Jason.

"Watching him go through this whole process of going through chemo and staying in the hospital," said Allana, "There are moments I have to myself (pause) that I don't want him to be upset from it.

"He has actually had to tell other people it's okay I'm going to be fine. That is just the way his personality is that is where his faith has helped him," said Allana.

Faith in God and the attitude that he will beat the cancer fighting his body, an inspiration those around him.

"I never thought twice about whether I should help or not," said Debbie Rushing, Jason's sister-in-law,"Jason and all of his friends have always played softball. A lot of the friends that he played softball with thought of the idea to have a softball tournament."

Jason hasn't been able to work so the tournament Saturday will help

"The bills are still going to come in. House bills, medical and medicines too. It's a big burden but we'll get through it," said Jason.

"This tournament too is just showing how much love everybody has given us," said Allana.

 A love that has surrounded this couple and will continue to do so.

"People don't want the attention, don't want the recognition, they just do it because they know that's what they're supposed to do," said Debbie, "I've just seen God's miracles already through people opening up their hearts and being able to give way more than we ever thought."

"I mean it's just a big blessing," said Jason.

There are still spots for teams in the tournament and funding for the concessions needed. For information on helping out Jason and Allana contact Debbie at 903 258 2504

Also both Papa Murphy's locations in Tyler will donate a percentage from their sales on Saturday to help Jason.

Danielle Capper, Reporting.


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