Trinity Mother Frances Health System Celebrates 65th Anniversary

The first hospital in Tyler ushered in another milestone today. Trinity Mother Frances Health System celebrates it's 65th anniversary. The hospital opened on March 18th, 1937, after a massive natural gas explosion in New London. More than 280 children were killed and many more students, teachers and others were injured. Today the hospital staff gathered to remember the events of that day and focus on the spirit of the hospital. A spirit designed to help the community whenever there is a need.

At a luncheon today, the hospital celebrated their anniversary with honored guest Father John Delendick. Father Delendick was at ground zero during the September 11th attacks. He is a chaplain with the New York City Fire Department. He says he was honored to be at Trinity Mother's Frances' anniversary because it was another example of how the human spirit comes together during a time of need. Father Delendick says the way this community came together 65 years ago to help the people of New London is very similar to the way the country came together after the attacks.

The 65th anniversary capped off tonight with a special dinner at the Hollytree Country Club.