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9/ 17/07-Longview

A Former Longview Police Officer Pleads Her Case To A Grievance Board

She's been fighting for a month to get her job back. Today, former Longview police officer, Judy Ivory-Gilliland testified in front of a grievance board in Longview.  As Judy Ivory Gilliand pleaded why she should get her job back, supporters outside were pleading their support for her. "The fight starts today, you either give her, her job back or the political pressure will never end," said Charley Wilkison."

 Back in February "Judy" was a school resource police officer, where she says she contracted viral meningitis shortly after transporting three sick students home from school.  "She testified and Kenny testified-- her husband, that she was fine health wise, up until the day that she transported the sick kids home," said Ivory-Gilliand's attorney Craig Driskell. 

Ivory- Gilliand was in a coma for two weeks and the hospital for two months. She couldn't return to work and lost her job. Now, it's up to a grievance resolution committee on whether there is cause, that she can get her job back. "I'm hoping they work with me. I could see if I was a corrupt cop and I was doing something wrong, but I've never been in any kind of trouble," said Ivory-Gilliand.  Wilkison said, "she has believed in this community and stayed with it and it's time that we in turn stay with her." While Judy's supporters are keeping hope alive, Judy is hoping to get back to what she says, she misses the most. "I miss being at the schools working with the kids, even though that's where I got the viral meningitis. Everything happens for a reason," said Ivory-Gilliand. 

LaKecia Shockley,Reporting. lshockley@kltv.com 

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