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Family Of East Texas Soldier Killed In Iraq Talk About His Bravery

Serving his country is what the family of an East Texas soldier says he was born to do. 

Cavalry Scout Christopher McCloud of Athens died Friday morning when the vehicle he was traveling in was hit by a roadside bomb in Iraq.  Three other men were also killed.  Joining the military almost a year ago, McCloud's wife said, was something McCloud knew he had to do.

"He wanted to be a role model for his kids," said Sheena McCloud.  "After 9/11 he felt it was his duty to be over there, to make sure his kids were going to be safe and were going to grow up and be free." 

It was in May Sheena last saw her husband when he left for Iraq.  It would also be the last time McCloud would get to hold his two children, Aidan and Landyn.

"He loved his boys," said Sheena.  "They were his morning and his night.  He loved his children and as long as they knew that, his death is justified." 

A native East Texan, Sheena said McCloud loved to be outdoors and spend time with his family and friends.

"He loved pulling pranks on everybody just to see your reaction and make you laugh," said Sheena. 

When it came to the War in Iraq, however, Sheena said McCloud knew he had a job to do.

"He believed we needed to protect our country," said Sheena.  "We needed to make the decisions, and he wanted to be on the front lines.  He felt it was an honor to wake up every morning and put his uniform on." 

It's his service and dedication, Sheena said, that she will tell her children everyday about their father.

"He is a hero and he died so they could grow up and be free and make the decisions to do what they wanted with their lives," said Sheena. 

Just like McCloud did with his life.    

Funeral arrangements for McCloud are still pending.  The family says they are still waiting for his body to arrive in East Texas.

Molly Reuter, Reporting.


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