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Quick Intervention Needed As More Children Taken From Drug Homes

25-year-old Brandy Bussey of Hallsville was allegedly smoking methamphetamine right next to her two-year-old daughter.  It's all on the shocking videotape taken by an informant.

It was clearly not an environment for any child, says childrens' therapist Jason Isham of the Children's Advocacy Center of Smith County.

Especially not one who is just two-years-old.

"The substance becomes the most important thing in the home, and you see the child and the child's relationship to the parents become affected," Isham says of incidents happing more frequently.

When Bussey was arrested, her daughter went with other family members.  But Isham says it's still traumatic for the child.

"[Social workers must] begin establishing a relationship and let them know that there are adults that understand what they're going through."

He says for some kids, precious time in their lives has already been lost.

"When that substance was introduced into the home, we often see the child get stuck at that developmental level," Isham said.

The child in this case tested positive for high levels of methamphetamine at a hospital.  But with the proper help, the girl still can have a happy, normal life.

"If we can provide for them nurturing activities and a safe environment to grow -- even if children have been through unimaginable things -- they have a remarkable ability to grow up and be happy, well adjusted people," Isham said.

The Children's Advocacy Center of Smith County is now forming a task force of social workers and law enforcement that will rush to a child's aid when their home is raided.

Meanwhile, Brandy Bussey remains in the Harrison County Jail. She has pleaded not guilty to child endangerment and drug charges.

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