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A Better East Texas: Jenny Simmons

When a college student shows a vision that can make this a Better East Texas I want to make sure they get noticed. I saw it most recently in a column published in the Patriot Talon, UT Tyler's student newspaper.

The author, Jenny Simmons, is the paper's opinion page editor.

She agreed to share her thoughts with you today.

     Aristotle said, "the roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet." Students must not expect to glean the benefit of an education without experiencing the difficulty of taming in mind.

     Laziness and igorance are the new fad in America. Nowadays, a student can make it through high school without learning how to read well and even graduate from college without learning their discipline.

     Schools may hire better teachers all day but without better students nothing will change. Modern students are taught to be independent at all levels of education but are not taught how to think or to work hard. It seems no on told them that it's impossible to own independence without responsiblity.

     What happens in the academic world does not stay in the academic world. If a student is lazy it will affect his future job, his government, and his freedom. When we rely on others to fix our lives, we give up our lives and libery to them.

     We are the only ones responsible to protect our liberty. The stuggle for freedom is never easy, but its fruit is definitely sweet.


Viewer Comments:

Way to Go Brad Street in today's commentary and the young lady, Jenny Simmons at TJC.  I have had my teenager listen to her comments on your website and plan to keep it for future replay.  My hope is that Ms. Simmon's insight will encourage my daughter to do her very best.  Keep up the gret work!
~Bonnie Popchoke

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