There's Proof That Dreams Really Can Come True

When you come back to class at Brownsboro Elementary with snap shots of yourself and one of the most recognizable faces in the realize that dreams can come true. So, what did 10-year old Marquis Craver think of his dream meeting with Michael Jordan?

"He wasn't big enough, but he was taller than my mamma," says Marquis. Though his hero, Michael Jordan stands only six feet six inches tall, the youngster was no short-stack when he asked the NBA superstar questions, one on one.

"How many shoes do you have, how many kids, how many vehicles do you have," was at the top of Marquis list.

The dream encounter wouldn't have happened without Tyler's Make-A-Wish Foundation--who wanted Marquis to forget he was sick for atleast one day. After battled Bylers Syndrome, a liver disorder, the youngster has already been through three liver transplants to say the least.

"Hospital visits just to make sure he's o.k., having surgery, biopsies, medicine around the clock," is a normal schedule tells Marquis mom, Amy Craver.

And to share that dream with his family made the day complete...especially when Marquis handed a tee-shirt to Jordan that said, "I Met Marquis."

But, the best part is even more simple tells Mom, "We were all together and Marquis was not sick. Everybody was well and we all had a good time."