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9/16/2007-Smith County

Marine Has Car Stolen With Purple Heart Inside

An East Texas marine is pleading for the public's help.  Blake Weller, 20 returned from his first tour in Iraq two weeks ago.  Last week, he bought a brand new car, and just three days later it was stolen in broad daylight.  It's what was inside his car Weller says means the most.

For the past nine months Weller has served our country with his life.  Two weeks ago he finished his first tour in Iraq, returning with five medals and a purple heart.

"There was a mortar attack, and it hit 10 feet behind me," said Weller.  "It knocked me out for a minute and a half.  He suffered a third grade concussion and shrapnel to the hand after that attack.  His bravery earned him the purple heart, but now his medal's are gone.

"They mean pretty much everything," said Weller.  "Everything that I have accomplished in the two and a half years I have been in."  They were stolen along with his car he bought just last Tuesday, a fully loaded 2005 Mazda RX 8.

"Bought the car came home went to the mall," said Weller.  Weller parked the car in one of the front spots at Broadway Square Mall in Tyler about 5:00 p.m. Friday.  He went inside and when he came out ten minutes later the car was gone. 

"It means something to me," said Weller.  "That I actually came back, and the money I got from Iraq I wanted to put it in something.  It is more of sentimental value."  Sitting in the front seat just picked up from the dry cleaners was Weller's dress uniform, medals and all.

"It's just hard coming home and doing something that you really want and then have it taken away," said Weller.  "I wish they would just return that.  I don't care about anything else."  A plea from an East Texas solider who has sacrificed his life for the safety of so many.

A report has been filed with Tyler Police.  If you have any information on the whereabouts of Weller's car contact Tyler Police.

Danielle Capper, Reporting.


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