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Gladewater Youth Honors Longview Marine

A Gladewater boy is honoring a marine's memory after a moving ceremony was held in Longview this weekend.  Citizens turned out for the funeral procession of an East Texan killed in Iraq.  The funeral procession for Marine Staff Sergeant John Stock passed crowds along Airline drive yesterday.  Among the thousands who came out to show their support, stood 10 year old Winston Williams of Gladewater, who said the sight had a personal meaning.

"I felt sadness because somebody in their family just died," said Winston.  Williams see's all military personnel as hero's, but the biggest hero is his older brother, Army Corporal Christopher Williams, 22 now serving in Iraq.

"I love him, and I hope he does well in Iraq," said Winston.

"One of the big reasons is my grandson being in Iraq, and you think this could be us, your heart goes out to these people," said Winston's grandmother, Ena Williams.  The Williams family keeps constant watch on the news and the fighting overseas, and for them, the Longview funeral was a way they could honor Christopher and those who fight in Iraq.

"I'm proud of them serving my country," said Winston.  They, like Winston, feel that we've all become family, hoping for reunions and hurting together at the loss of one of our own, and of course glad that people remember our troops.

The Williams say they expect Christopher to be home on leave by the end of the year.

Bob Hallmark, Reporting.


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