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Family Place Crosses In Memory Of Loved Ones

It was a difficult day for an East Texas family who remembered two of their loved ones, killed by an alleged drunk driver.  In June, Martha Mondragon and her unborn child were hit by a suspected teen drunk driver.  Saturday, two crosses were placed at the intersection in Tyler Mondragon and her unborn son were killed.  The family says Saturday was a day of hope that every driver who sees the memorial, will be reminded of the damage drunk driving can cause.

As the sun slowly began to set Saturday evening, the shadow of the two white crosses tell it all, the memory of Mondragon and her unborn child are forever imprinted at a Tyler intersection. 

"Martha and her son will never be forgotten," said Mondragon's cousin Corinna Ruiz.  "We are members of the cathedral right across the street.  I work right down the block, and everyday I cross this intersection and everyday I'll be able to see these crosses and remember my family."  There was a priest's blessing and family members wiping away tears as the crosses were placed in the ground. 

"Martha was a great person," said Ruiz.  "Her child, of course, she was very excited to meet her new son,who never got a chance at life.  We lost a great person that day.  We lost a great family member."  Right now, flowers and balloons adorn the memorials, but the family says it's the lasting impression they want the crosses symbolize for everyone who drives by.

"Hopefully, that will help somebody else make the right decision, rather than the wrong decision that was made that night," said Ruiz.  Two white crosses forever standing tall, remembering the two innocent lives suddenly taken because police say someone else chose to drink and drive.

An important thing to note here, the case is still going through the justice system.  The juvenile charged has not been convicted.

Tracy Watler, Reporting.

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