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A Better East Texas: School Board Responds

The Union Grove school board voted unanimously against the parents who wanted them to allow their 5 year old son to wear a ponytail to school.

Here's what the mother had to say following the decision.

Free to play, free to think, free to learn, free to speak, free to work, free to grow, but apparently that's not so...

I know what my parents would have told me at that age of 5 if I told them I didnt want to get a haircut! I understand the parents are now looking for a school that allows ponytails. Educational standards were not mentioned as important criteria.

Anyway, these parents are twisting the tenets of our country to suit a selfish interest. You've seen this before with people supporting unfettered amnesty for illegal aliens.

What they, and these parents need to realize is that without laws or policies there will be anarchy. More importantly the people who set policy in this country are citizens, just like you who take the initiative to run for office. And they only get the office if americans like you vote for them in the spirit of making this a better east texas.

Viewer Comments:

If your Boss wants you to do community editorial he needs to get a clue.  To disrespect a parent who is trying to do what they think is right is just wrong.  You says we have to have rules or we will have anarchy is fine and dandy but why have a rule about the hair at all?  Why because a bunch of rich white guys get elected to a school board and try to put their priniciples and use their position for personal agendas.  I know from watching your little speech you are a white elitist type who thinks they know what is best for us poor misguided people.  Try to explain why the rule is there in the first place?  Is it there for safety, discipline, or why?  If not why the rule?  You didn't discuss that but you went so far as to question why the parents aren't looking for a school based on quality of education?  As if they were too stupid to know that.  All I can say is I bet you wouldn't say the same thing about Jesus' hair. 

Joe Jackson

When did it become necessary to have short hair to get an education in America?  Will the 5 year old disrupt his class/school because he has a ponytail?  Does this rule apply to girl students as well?  I support these parents for standing up for thier beliefs.  This is another example of the "rules" that go too far.  It makes me wonder how students learn in this kind of invironment.  The next thing you know, they'll start arresting students on drug charges for bringing thier own aspirin to school!

RD Gorman

Once again, the commentaries run on your station exhibited a lack of concern for civil rights.  I am referring to the commentary regarding the 5 year old boy at Union Grove Schools with the pony tail.  The action of the school district clearly violates the civil rights act of 1964 and all subsequent legislation.  This boy is being discriminated against because he is a boy with a pony tail (not a girl).  For your station to support such acts show its lack of concern for all American citizens.  There should have been an immediate demand for this rule to be rescinded by the school board and in the alternative, to involve the ACLU and proceed with litigation against the school district, its board, and superintendant.  Unfortunately, your sole course of action was to lambast the parents for allowing their son to exhibit personal choices, freedom of choice, and personal liberties - basic tenets of being an American citizen.  I strongly urge you to change your position publicly and to support the fight of these parents.

~ Dwight Blackstone


I watched the editorial response over the weekend. Please tell me how a school dresscode violates the 64 Civil Rights act . I dont think that Dr.King would agree,and it disrespects the people that fought so hard at somtimes great personel risk to get it through.  I think if the little boy wants a pony tail his parents should find a school where that meets their standard.


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