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9/12/07-Buffalo, NY

Former Head Coach Reacts To Everett's Improvement

Wednesday brought more good news for Buffalo Bill Kevin Everett. Teammates who visited him in the hospital say he is able to move his head, arms and legs.

During the Bill's season opener against Denver on Sunday, Everett suffered a sever spinal injury. Doctors had said the injury was "catastrophic" and "life-threatening." The very next day, word came that Everett had sparse movement in his limbs.

The news of his improvement came as no surprise to a man who has long had faith in Kevin: former Kilgore College coach Jimmy Rieves.

Jimmy says Kevin has always been mentally and physically tough.

"Very few people make it to the NFL," Rieves said. "You have to be mentally tough to be there. When you have those ingredients of being a fine character with good discipline, then you overcome a lot and Kevin knows how to face adversity because he's done it before."

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