Missing Snake's Owner Fears For Boa's Life

The owner that big Boa constrictor loose in a Smith County neighborhood has come forward saying it's his snake.  He says it's harmless to people, and he wants to find Aphrodite before she gets hurt.

The snake got away from owner Daniel Rowe on La Mobile Avenue three weeks ago.  That's just yards away from where the snake apparently shed it's nine-foot-long skin.  It was found on County Road 2253 just north of Old Henderson Highway.

"I just forgot to put one of the clamps down on the aquarium and she apparently got out one night when I was asleep," Rowe told KLTV 7.

Out Aphrodite went on an apparent adventure in its third week.

"I looked for her for weeks and gave up, figured she was outside.  I saw the news yesterday and was like 'Wow.'"

KLTV 7 showed you the snakeskin Bob Mercer found in his driveway Tuesday.  It proved to Daniel Rowe that his Colombian Red-Tailed Boa is alive and still healthy.

"They don't move fast. A snake that size crawls really slowly. If you were to try to catch her, you could out run her easily," Rowe said.

"It was huge!" neighbor Christy Ermis said. "They do eat small animals, and a lot of us have pets, and I don't feel safe letting my dog out," she said.

Rowe said Aphrodite will only eat rodents, and that his fear is someone will hurt his family pet.

"Someone killing her -- finding her and killing her and freaking out about it [is a fear.]  She's lost out there. This is the first time she's been in the wild," Rowe said.

Though it's heavily wooded, it's known the snake has stayed in a very small area around where it escaped.  Several people from the neighborhood are going to be starting a thorough search for Aphrodite.