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Fantasy Football: From Hobby To Full-Time Job

It has become the latest American cultural phenomenon.

Fantasy football.

It started out for many just as a hobby. But now, with money involved, self help books, even online guides, fantasy football for many is an every day reality. For millions across the country it has gone from past time to full-time obsession.

"I have one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, ten teams!" Counted KLTV 7 Chief Meteorologist Mark Scirto.

It is estimated that between 15 to 18 million people play fantasy sports. With league memberships of anywhere from free to $200, this casual fun is getting awfully serious.

"This is the most distracting thing for any male worker, it's fantasy football," said Cory Bowler, as he logged into his fantasy team account. "I think I read that last year."

"You can usually tell how I did on Monday because I'm in a good mood or not in a good mood," Mark laughed.

For those not in the know, fantasy football leagues are made up of imaginary teams, created by fans who pick real NFL players and earns points based on their performance. The more points, the more wins.

"It's competition and bragging rights," Brad Crenshaw said.

Brad owns the Red Zone, a sports memorabilia store in Whitehouse. He lives and breathes fantasy football.

"It's my favorite time of the year!"

Brad is the commissioner of a league. He says just like the real thing, fantasy football is a game of strategy.

"During the day, I'm probably on fantasy football websites probably three or four hours a day. I look up stats and who they are going to play each week. I take my running backs and look at the defenses they are going to play each week."

Just like the real thing, sometimes luck beats out strategy.

"Last year we played, and my wife, had never played fantasy football before in her life. She played with us and wins the entire league."

We're already into the second week of the season but here is some advice for next year.

"You don't draft from the heart. You draft from the heart you are going to lose," Brad laughed. 

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