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20th Anniversary Of Cell Phone Technology

For some, they are just as essential as the oxygen we breathe: our cell phones. And this month, the technology behind the mobile phone turns 20 years old.

"The technology just completely has changed within the last 15 to 20 years," said Mark Morrison, owner of Tri Star Wireless in Tyler.

Morrison has been in the wireless communications business for 12 years. He said since the first cell phone went on the market, 20 years ago, there have been a lot of changes.

"They went from being not much more than a two-way radio to a portable computer system," he said.  "You can log onto the Internet, buy stuff off of Ebay, check your email ... all those things directly from a handheld."

The mobile phone has certainly come a long way from the days of the bag-phone, a phone that came zipped up in a binder-like case and sent out on an analog signal.

And what began as a luxury item for the wealthy, is now a convenient necessity for pretty much everyone.  A necessity that has grown more and more different with each passing day.

"That's what I always tell customers, is that the only consistent thing in wireless is change," said Morrison.

Technology and changes which seem to be welcomed by most of us, and which has made the days of the using a pay phone a thing of the past.

Layron Livingston, KLTV 7 News. llivingston@kltv.com

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