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9/10/2007-Smith Co.

Road & Bridge Responsible For Dead Animals

Smith County Commissioner's set policy Monday morning that the Road and Bridge Department is now responsible for picking up dead animals in the county right of way.

This issue arose after a dozen trash bags of dog remains found just outside the Tyler city limits on Lavender Road. Two commissioners had each called the department to dispose of the remains but they refused. Now, that will no longer happen.

"I'm asking Mr. Bala to find a solution to this problem. Every other Road and Bridge Department seems to find," said Judge Joel Baker.

"We will do whatever we need to do to execute what the court wants us to do," said Bill Bala, Smith County Road and Bridge.

One issue that might come up in the future is the use of jail trusty's for labor. However, even if they are used, the Road and Bridge Department will be in charge of supervising.

Danielle Capper, Reporting.


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