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Longview Restaurant Honors 9-11 Victims

   Some of the workers at a Longview restaurant have a special connection to Tuesday's Remembrance of 9-11. Joe's Pizza has a permanent memorial paying to victims of the terrorist attacks. It's a Longview restaurant, with a New York feel. Joe's Pizza on Mccann Road is run by a family of Brooklyn natives. There are many images of the big apple on the restaurant, but their most important image is inside. A mural memorializing the 9-11 tragedy, saying "We Will Never Forget".

   "It wasn't just friends and family or people you've know it was people from all over the world that perished that day" says restaurant owner Paulie Bauta, a Brooklyn native.

   The restaurant is located where it is by accident. On the way to Shreveport 6 years ago, a family member's truck broke down in Longview.   

  "He had to stay in the town for two days; and during those two days he happened to run across this building" he says. Joe's opened in September 2001. Six days before 9-11.

  "You couldn't believe what you were seeing you couldn't believe what just happened" says Bauta.

    And Paulie was there.

   "It was 15 -20 minutes later you saw the second plane hit the other tower its was like out of a movie" he says.

   They had the mural added, as a reminder.

  "This was a tragedy not just for this country, and other countries involved. It was a tragedy for mankind.  As long as this wall and this building is standing here , we'll never forget." 

   Reported By Bob Hallmark; bhallmark@kltv.com .

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