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A Better East Texas:Media Research Center

If you believe the Broadcast TV networks give slanted political coverage, you'll be interested in this. An indpendent organization called the Media Research Center has been closely watching the morning new shows on ABC, CBS and NBC. It seems that twice as many news segments have been devoted to democratic presidential candidates than republicans. The networks say republican candidates are reulctant to appear. Well, it's hard to believe any presidential wanna-be would turn down national tv exposure. Here at KLTV, we can't do much to influence network news coverage. I can tell you there have been times when our news department has chosen not to run some network stories we found to be biased and one-sided.

I know many of you out there question the fairness of the networks political coverage. We hope our experience, along with this recent research, will make you more cautious than ever.

We encourage you to dig a little deeper when you see a political story on the networks. As we get closer to the election we're going to do everything we can at KLTV with our local programming and website to make sure you get the balanced information you need to be a better informed voter and to make this a better east texas.

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A values voter debate is coming up on 9/17/07, but it will only be broadcast on certains channels.  I am disappointed, but not surprised, that major networks will not be broadcasting the event.  I would hope that KLTV will at least pass the information along to the public.  God Bless You, Anita Corbell http://www.christiannewswire.com/news/884134024.html

~Anita Corbell

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