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9/9/2007-Smith Co.

Animal Disposal Policy

Monday, Smith County Commissioners will discuss making a new policy for picking up dead animals that are dumped in the county.  You may remember the dozen trash bags of dog remains found just outside the Tyler city limits on Lavender Road. 

Smith County Commissioner Joann Hampton says she called the Road and Bridge Department to dispose of the remains.  Commissioner VanNess even put in a work order, but Road and Bridge refused saying it wasn't their policy to pick them up.

"You would assume the county is responsible for taking care of it, and in turn we would call Road and Bridge, who has the proper equipment to actually dig a hole and take care of it," said Hampton.  "Our next agenda we will discuss who is responsible for disposing of dead animals."  Bill Bala of Smith County Road and Bridge told KLTV 7 their department set a policy in 2005 not to bury dead animals because the animals have owners and they are responsible for them.  Bala also said he objects to burying animals because most of the animal dumping involves some form of illegal activity.

Danielle Capper, Reporting.


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