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9/6/07 - Morris County

D-P-S Discovers More Than 10,000 Marijuana Plants


Authorities made the discovery at the White Oak Creek wildlife refuge. That's just off I-30, near the Sulphur River in Morris county. "I've never seen anything that large," said Captain Skip McBride, of the Texas Parks & Wildlife Game Warden.

D-P-S aerial surveillance spotted the more than 10-thousand marijuana plants in a makeshift garden.  "D-P-S does this a lot, they fly recon with helicopters looking for marijuana fields and this particular one was found on our public lands," said McBride.

 Authorities say the estimated street value of plants is astounding! "The street value of  is about 5 million dollars. "It's quite an operation they went through lots of trouble and did lots of hard work and they were living there with the plants," said McBride.

Authorities say four people were living in a hut near the marijuana fields. They've reportedly fled into the woods. "These folks were armed and they're dangerous, that's a valuable crop and their there to protect it, plus take care of it. People that use our public lands need to realize when they find something like this, to leave it alone and get out," said McBride.

 D-P-S, Special Drug Task Force, and Texas Park & Wildlife Game Warden all assisted in the  investigation.

"I'm glad to see them win one, you know it's pretty good, we put them out of business," said McBride.

LaKecia Shockley, reporting lshockley@kltv.com 

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