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9/6/07-Wood County

National Weather Service In Area To Decide On Possible Tornado

The National Weather Service investigated if a tornado did in fact touch down in East Texas Wednesday. Residents said they saw a tornado sweep through their mobile park located on Country Road 2632, just east of Mineola. But to know for sure, the National Weather Service out of Shreveport visited the scene Thursday to gather data and to determine if the storm was in fact a tornado.

"When somebody gets damage, usually people always assume it's a tornado. That's just the way people think and that's just one of the reasons why we have to come out and evaluate it," Meteorologist Mark Murphy said.

Murphy has been with the National Weather Service for more than 30 years.  He spent today in Wood County Thursday investigating, talking with neighbors and taking pictures.

'Mainly looking for winds, wind speed, and the direction of the debris. Usually with straight line winds, things are all in one direction." Mark explained.

But Mark said he did notice some characteristics of tornadic activity.  He also said location could have played a factor.

"This is kind of a little top of a hill here. A lot of times, straight line winds that hit an area and, where's there a hill, it can cause a little bit of a spin up in tornadoes," said Mark.

After some time looking around under the hot sun, Mark gave KLTV his verdict.

"A weak rotation, probably a small tornado, like an F0. That's just what I'm thinking right now," he said.

The National Weather Service said they will have official word Friday after they enter data into the computer system and crunch a few more numbers.

Tracy Watler/Reporting:

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