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9/04/07 -Crestwood/Marion County

Vicious Dogs Terrorize A Marion County Neighborhood

They're afraid to walk to their mail boxes and they're scared for their children's lives.   

Residents in one Marion county neighborhood are speaking out about vicious dogs, who they say are terrorizing their pets and their neighborhood.

"We don't have any leash laws, dogs can run at large in our county, we don't have any type of registration," said sheriff Bill McCay. No "Leash Laws" is exactly why Crestwood addition residents are upset. For the pass couple of months they say pit bulls and other vicious dogs have been scaring residents and killing their pets.

"There used to be a three legged doe that lived here, I haven't seen her since the dogs were chasing her a couple of weeks ago," said resident Pearl  Bramwell. 

With no leash law or animal control, officials say getting these dogs off the street all boils down to funding. "I don't have the man power for that and there's nothing authorized by our commissioners for me to do anything, it's hard on my department to, I can understand how these people feel," said Sheriff MCcay.

Carrie Sciortino says,"As a parent I'm scared because I hear a lot of bad things on TV about what pit bulls can do to children."

"If they come through my yard I don't worry about them, because I'll shoot them," said Bramwell.  "People in the county do have a right to protect their property against these dogs  and they have a right to shoot them without fear of us arresting them for cruelty of animals," said Sheriff McCay.

Whether or not residents choose to take matters into their own hands, their first priority is the safety of their community.  "We're talking about a pack of wild dogs, don't confuse them with anybody's pet. They have reverted back to wild behavior and something really needs to be done about this before somebody is really hurt," said Dennis Tiibbit.

The Marion county Humane Society is trying to push for more funding and an animal control facility to house these vicious dogs but residents hope that it won't be to late.

LaKecia Shockley, reporting.


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