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Safe Baby Signs For Tyler Fire Department

Some local fire departments received 'Safe Baby Site' signs and information about the "Baby Moses" law for the first time.

The signs represent that they are a safe place to drop a newborn off, a right that comes under the law nicknamed "Baby Moses Law." Although the law has been on the books since 2001, Tuesday members of the Tyler Fire Department are learning what it actually means.

"We just knew they could drop a baby off," said Tyler Chief Neal Franklin.  "We had some questions but didn't know who to ask."

Crystal Tankersly with the Smith County Children Advocacy Center went to the Tyler Fire Training Center to inform these firemen what to do if a baby is dropped off.

The law states a parent may leave an unharmed infant up to 60 days old into the hands of any emergency personnel at a designated 24 hour hospital or fire station. No questions asked.

"Bring it to the hospital and from there it is going to receive medical treatment and from there CPS will take custody of the children," said Tankersly. 

"Since I have been on the department, it has never happened," said Chief Franklin.  "We want to be ready in case it does.  We need to get this word out to not only the firefighters receiving, but also the potential parents that might be bringing a baby by to know that baby will be kept safe."

"Prevention is such a major deal. Sixty children have been saved by this project since 2001. That is almost three full classrooms of students," said Tankersly. " Whatever we can do to promote life and safety of children."

New signs that will hopefully save lives.

Hospitals are also safe baby sites. As of now no local hospitals have the signs. The Child Advocacy Center said they are working with local hospitals to get the signs up.

Danielle Capper, Reporting.

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