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9/3//07 - Longview

Katie's Law Effects Thousands Of Texas Drivers

This weekend several new laws went into effect throughout the state of Texas.

One law that caught our eye is "Katie's Law," that effects thousands of older drivers. Now, Texas drivers 79 an older can only renew their license at the Department of Public Safety office and not electronically or by mail. Also, drivers 85 an older must pass a vision test before they can renew their license. "The older you get the more you don't realize that you are older, so you do have problems with disabilities that you aren't used to experiencing before" said Sandy Watts.  And that's just one reason why Katie's Law was put into effect, to make sure older drivers are equipped to handle traffic and see properly.

"When you get on up in age, your eyesight does fail you sometime. I've had a few incidents where maybe an older person might have pulled out and didn't see me, so I think it's a real good idea," said driver Michale Allen.

 "As I'm getting older I realize that you don't move as well, and if you've got to have a walker and creep and crawl and get up in the car, you're not going to be able to get gas, and break as you should," said driver Bonnie Roberts. 

 I'm probably going to lose my eye sight when I get older, because I already where glasses. So, I think it's good because I want to keep myself safe as well as others on the road,"said Leona Osinga.

"Everyone needs to be the same, even though you can see fine,you still need to go and be tested," said Watts. 

Regardless of whether you agree or disagree with "Katie's Law," the fact is every driver will be effected by the new law,at some point in their life.

LaKecia Shockley,reporting. Lshockley@kltv.com

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