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Marine Thanks East Texans For Donations

      A U.S. Marine, getting ready to go on his third tour in Iraq, says a heartfelt thank you to East Texans who have helped his unit obtain vital equipment in the War On Terror.    Sergeant Richard Muston is home for this gathering celebrating his new marriage, a child on the way, and to say thank you to those who sent donations to his unit for needed military equipment.

    "It went a long way.   We got all the gear we needed and then some and (I've been) able to filter that out to my buddies' squads," says Muston.

     Muston sent a letter to his family saying Marine standard issue wasn't enough.   His first Battalion, 8th Marines Charlie Company had needs and his family held numerous fund-raisers to help.  Of course, East Texans responded, raising more than 52-hundred dollars.

    "We had tremendous support from the community and we were just amazed at the people that just came by and said here we appreciate what he's doing," say Richard's mother, Vicki Tidwell.

       What they needed wasn't toothbrushes and hand wipes, but lifesaving equipment to counter incendiary IEDs.

    "We got flame retardant face masks for all my guys.  (We) got flame retardant gloves, GPS systems that are compatible with the computer.   The sooner we can get those to guys that are helping the ones we're already taking down, the less Marines out there in harms way," Richard says.  

    He wants every East Texan to know how much their effort meant. Their gift is appreciated.

  "Thank you so much East Texas.   That 50 dollars or so may not have meant a lot to you, but it meant a Marine's life over there by the gear that it got them," Muston says.

     Muston goes back to duty Monday. His unit will re-deploy to Iraq this month. He plans on becoming a state trooper after the marines. He's expecting his first child in April.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.

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