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Freedom Fighters: Robert Moore

Robert Moore's survival during World War Two is one of the most incredible stories ever told. Moore was nineteen when he went into the Army. Through a paper mixup Moore was sent into the invasion of Africa within the month.

Moore was captured by the Germans anad remained their prisoner for 38 days before being loaded onto a ship bound for a German concentration camp.

thirty eight miles out to sea, th ship was torpedoed by a British submarine. The ship's captain turned the ship toward land where it sank on a sand bar. For three days and three nights allied planes bombed and strafed the ship. Of the 587 prisoners of war on the ship, only 67 walked off at the end of the attack.

One might think that the worst was over for Robert Moore, but the biggest battles of the war were yet to come where he would win the Silver Star, the Bronze Star ad the Purple Heart.

More to come next week.

Joan Hallmark, Reporting

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