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8/31/07-Smith County

Dog Remains Found May Not Be Linked To Dog-Fighting

Instinctively Smith County constables thought the dog remains found on Lavender Road in Smith County were related to dog fighting, because it's an activity known in that area.

That vicinity is also heavily populated with pitbulls.

But Precinct 1 Constable Henry Jackson said almost all the remains found were bones.  So there was no flesh there to see if there were dog bites or other kind of evidence to show the animals were involved in violent activity, like dog fighting.

Jackson said the criminal activity that they may be dealing with here is illegal dumping.

"These dogs bones have been there for over six months to a year. I feel like somebody has been dumping the dogs along this road for a time... dogs that maybe wandered around, got hit, or people got tired of them and just threw them away," said Jackson.

KLTV 7 also got a first look at the tag found on one of the dogs.  The gold tag hanging from a red collar was around the neck of the dog which was wrapped in a different color garbage bag.

Constable Jackson was able to trace the information and identify the owner. The owner's identity is not being released.

Constable Jackson is hoping that when they find the owner, he or she may have other information that can help them trace where these other dogs may have came from.

And hopefully answer why their dog was dumped in the creek where there were so many other dead animals.

Christine Nelson reporting.

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