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8/31/07 - Canton

Van Zandt County Justice Center Has A Extreme Jail Makeover

You've seen "Extreme Home Makeover", but have you ever heard of "Extreme Jail Makeover"? 

Van Zandt County Justice Center is taking the word "makeover" to a whole new level by painting their jail pink. "We're serious about this, if we can get a reduction in the number of people who come through Van Zandt county jail, then we've done our job,"said Sheriff  Pat Burnett.

By October, all general jail cells at the justice center will have pink colored walls, sheets, and pillowcases.  

 "To be put in a pink uniform and in a pink cell, that's kind of challenging your masculinity and a humiliating factor,"said inmate Scott Dabbs. 

And that's just what officials are trying to do, deter inmates from coming back.

"They come to this holding cell and spend the night in that pink thing and know it only gets worse the further you go back,you know, maybe they won't come back," said Dabbs.

"Our job is accomplished and if we have someone who doesn't go back to jail anywhere, that's even that much better. If they don't come back to jail in Van Zandt County then our crime rate has went down," said Sheriff Burnett.

So what do you think? Do pink jails really work?

"I don't believe I'll be retuning, pinks just not my color,"said Dabbs.

At least that's what Van Zandt county officials are hoping for.

LaKecia Shockley, reporting.

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