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8/30/2007-Smith Co.

More Dog Remains Discovered

The number keeps rising. More dog remains are found dumped on the side of the road. Evidence of local dog fighting.

It all began a few days ago when neighbors just outside the Tyler city limits on Lavender Road noticed a horrific smell. The number of dog remains found 12, the number of bags seen on that road; about twenty. Authorities worry the number could still go up.

"We are up to twelve dogs to my knowledge. We haven't buried two," said Precinct 1 Constable Henry Jackson.

Both Constable Jackson and Constable Dennis Taylor's offices and the Smith County Sheriffs Department are involved. Thursday afternoon, they are working to identify tags on one of the dogs. They are almost positive these bones are related to dog fighting.

"Go through a full blast investigation on the dog owners and also the tip of where the dog fighting are taking place on Lavender Road," said Constable Jackson.

With numerous reports of missing dogs stolen Susie Perryman is worried.

"That is not what they were breed for. Our puppies were very loving and sweet puppies," said Susie.

Puppies that Susie and her family don't have any more. Eight pit bull puppies were snatched from her front yard in June after running an ad in a local newspaper.

"About a week and a half after the ad came out in the 'Thrifty Nickle' Newspaper neighbors said a car came to our house," said Susie, "The next thing she knew the car was driving out of our driveway. All eight of them were gone when my husband got home."

Susie is now haunted by the thought that her dogs are probably now taught to be fighter dogs.

"They have taught these poor dogs to have to fend for their lives or die. To just come to my house and steal like that. They stole from me they stole from my husband. They stole from my kids," said Susie.

But dog fighting is real and active in the community. As the number of bags of remains found on lavender road climbs Susie wants to send a message that this affects so many people.

"I can't imagine somebody doing that to a dog anyway's. That is not what dogs are for. I just don't get what the purpose in dog fighting is," said Susie.

Constable Jackson said Thursday he is trying to contact the owner of the dog found Wednesday with the tag. He said the address is incorrect. He also said it might be un-related to the fighting because the color of the bag was different.

Danielle Capper, Reporting.


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