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A Better East Texas: Vick Punishment

There is some debate whether celebrities like Michael Vick receive different punishment because of their high profile. People who defend him argue that his sentence shouldn't be too harsh. What they need to do is offer creative alternatives

For instance, why don't he and his "handlers" develop a public service campaign which Vick would lead to help solve one of our nation's problems like gangs, school drop outs, and yes, even dog fighting. After reviewing the plan the judge can reduce his sentence as he sees fit and then reduce the sentence again if Vick executes the plan effectively.

I believe Michael Vick can still have a positive influence on young men in our country. After all, he is a great athlete, which unfortunately carries too much credibility with our kids today. Who knows, Vick might be able to experience the same adrenaline rush changing American boy's lives as he does watching dogs maul each other. Celebrities taking responsibility for their actions and then using their experience to change lives will make this a better east Texas.

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