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8/29/2007-Smith Co.

Bags Of Dog Remains Dumped; Fighting Involved

Authorities have buried eight dogs and hope to bury another after finding bags of dog remains dumped on the side of the road.

The dogs were stuffed in garbage bags along Lavender Road, just outside of the Tyler city limits. Three East Texas agencies are investigating this case, which they fear could lead to dog-fighting, right here in East Texas. 

"Totally deteriorated. Nothing left but bones and a head," Constable Henry Jackson said as he sifted through dog remains found in a bag,"This collar here indicates this was a large dog and most of the times these dogs are controlled with a large chain."

"There are dogs all up and down this road that have been dumped. We didn't realize that yesterday when we were out here burying everything," said Constable Dennis Taylor who Tuesday helped bury six or seven dogs ,"We were going on smell following everything. We didn't look in these weeds and stuff because there wasn't a smell. These dogs have been here for a while."

"Just bones and maggots. Maggots were everywhere they had already eaten the dogs we couldn't tell what kind of dogs they were how big they were, we couldn't tell anything," Taylor said.

With the help of KLTV and some neighbors more bags were found. The total nearly 15 and authorities believe 20 could be easily found. The smell was absolutely horrific that authorities either held their nose or wear a mask. 

One of them found in a creek contained the body of a dog still with a collar and tag.

"We don't know what type of dog it is. The vet can also tell us how long the dog has been in the water how long it's been dead," said Jackson.

Thursday authorities hope to use the number on the tag to identify the dog.

"We think these are family dogs that the suspects have got to put in the pits with the pit bulls so they can learn how to kill. We believe these have been stolen," said Taylor, "Our phones have been ringing in off the walls this morning people missing dogs."

Authorities plan to contact residents who have reported missing dogs. They hope to give closure to some families. Constable Taylor said that all the bags found seem to be connected.

"They are all in black plastic bags all tied the same way. So it tells you it is the same people dumping them. We have some dog fighting somewhere in this area. I just don't know where yet."

Constable Taylor said they have also received tips of locations for dog fighting and are hoping to look into them. It will be a multi-department investigation with the Smith County Sheriff's Department and both Constable one and constable three's office involved.

Danielle Capper, Reporting.


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