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New School Brings Back Old Memories

For 10-year-old Betsy Arrellano, first impressions are everything. 

"I was like, it's beautiful.  On the outside too," she said 

Betsy is just one of hundreds of students who started the school year in a brand new Douglass Elementary School.

She says, so far, she likes everything she sees, especially the cafetorium and the gym.  "It's pretty cool," she says.

Even though Betsy says she's looking forward to reading new books in the library and eating lunches in the new cafeteria, she will miss being in the old school.

"It was a pretty good school over there," she says.  "Even though it was old, it was a good school.

The original Douglass Elementary was built in 1902 and later rebuilt in 1937.

After almost 70 years of students and teachers, the old building will be torn down.

And for some, it will be truly missed.

 "Douglass has my heart," says Sandra Maxfield, a staff member at Douglass Elementary.  "It's just amazing what they've done for us. But I have memories of the old school."   

Even though Maxfield works at new Douglass Elementary, she says the old school has been like a member of her own family.  

"My mother attended Douglass in that old building. I did with all of my siblings and all of my children went to Douglass, and six of my grandchildren," she said.  

Maxfield says it will break her heart to see the old building go, but her memories will be with her forever.

Memories she says she wants students at the new school to build.  

"I'm going to strive to make sure that every memory that every child has in this building, is a pleasant one," she says.  "And that's what I'm looking forward to."

A new school for a new generation of students, and their new experiences.

Layron Livingston, KLTV 7 News.

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