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A Better East Texas: Call For Inspirational Teachers

Everyone knows by now that school has started. Before long we will be hearing the standard media reports about football scores, budgets and standardized tests.

But I'd like your help this semester coming up with a different kind of story. A story about the unsung heroes who have the greatest chance to influence our kid's lives....our teachers.

Not the ones that stand in front of the classroom grinding out the lesson for the day. But the ones who are inspirational, the ones who really teach from the heart who create life changing experiences for their students.

They're the ones your child talks about with enthusiasm and a smile on their face, or maybe with a solemn respect.

 These teachers usually don't get the recognition they deserve. You can help me change that by writing me here at the station at abettereasttexas@kltv.com.

Recognizing these teachers on KLTV 7 will make this a better east texas.

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I appreciate the recognition that everyone gives for the Teachers. But I would like to say that School Bus Drivers are a very important part of these children also. Bus Drivers may not have these children all day like the Teachers do, but we have them on the HOT buses in the afternoon when they are tired and not all in a good mood! There for I as a Bus Driver and speak for all Bus Drivers deserve some recognition also! The only thing you hear regarding School Buses is. WATCH FOR THERE YELLOW & RED LIGHTS..... I would once like to hear some THANKS for what we do!!!!


M. Chumley

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