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Family Reflects On Convicted Killers' Execution

An East Texas family looks for justice in the murder of their loved one, as the man responsible is set to be executed.  It's one of the most well-known cases of robbery and murder in East Texas.  Thirteen years ago, four people were gunned down in a Kilgore bar.  The shooter got away with just $300.00.  In Huntsville on Tuesday, the gunman, Daroyce Mosley, 32 is set to be executed. 

In 1994, Patricia Colter, 53 was gunned down in the Kilgore bar and 13 years later her family still wonders why.

"I don't think anybody could ever give me a reason that I'd say ok, I believe that," said Colter's sister Virginia Hutsell.  In 1995 Mosley was found guilty of murder after a jury decided he and two other men robbed Katies Lounge in Kilgore on June 21st, killing four people including Colter.

"As a girl growing up with her grandma, you always think about she's going to be there for my wedding, she's going to be there to watch my little kids," said Colter's granddaughter April Alford.  "Now, all that's left is pictures."  With Mosely's execution set for Tuesday, Colter's family has come to heal over the years.

"I forgive him for taking part of my life from me, but that's the trials and tribulations," said Hutsell.  "Nothing is ever guaranteed in this life."  They have no hate for Mosley, but say it's time for him to take his punishment.

"I'll know that he won't be able to do it to anybody else," said Colter's sister Shari O'Brien.  Colter's family say they may never recover from Patricia's loss,  but her memory will always be there, and they do take comfort in that justice is finally being done.

"It's justice," said Alford.  "He took my grandmother."

Five members of Colter's family plan to attend Mosley's execution on Tuesday.

Bob Hallmark, Reporting.


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