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New Jack Elementary School

Jack Elementary, a brand new TISD elementary school, opened in south Tyler Sunday.  The school pays tribute to Tylerite Dr. Bryan Jack who was killed on 9-11.  Jack was a passenger on Flight 77 that crashed just 200 feet from his office in the Pentagon.  Jack received countless medals and awards in his more than 20 years working for the Secretary of Defense.

"It is such an honor, and it is so fitting for him," said Jack's window Barbara Rachko.  "It's so heart warming for me to know that Bryan will be remembered for many years in the future."  The mascot for the new elementary school will be the Patriot's.  Rachko said the mascot is very fitting because of the way Jack served his country with his life.

Jack Elementary is the first newly named school to be built in Tyler in more than twenty years. Principal Shawna Hittle says she couldn't be more thrilled than to start the new school year in an entirely new school.

"We're very excited about the opening on Monday, with the kids coming," said Hittle.  "I think that's what we've all been waiting for, is just to get them here and to get them started.  I think there's a feeling of anxiousness and a little bit of nervousness all bundled up in one."  With new computers, and a library with all brand new books, students have a lot to look forward to, but the true meaning of the school is in the name, Dr Bryan C. Jack Elementary.

"We felt that as a hero and as a patron he will be well represented, what we would want out of our school," said Hittle.  With the beginning of a new school year, school officials want students to set their expectations high.

"We will spend the first week of school going over procedures and expectations," said Hittle.  "Our motto at Jack is where the best keeps getting better."

Jack has more than five hundred students enrolled for the new school year, but the school can hold up to 750 students.

Danielle Capper, Reporting.


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