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Cookbook For Back To School

School starts Monday, and while you've probably already taken care of those school supplies, what about easy, after to school snacks?  Making a mess with fun recipes at a bookstore was just what the Junior League of Tyler hoped for at the release of their new kid friendly cookbook at Barnes and Noble Saturday.  It's called Ring Around the Rosie, and the recipes are all healthy, safe, and easy to make for those quick snacks after school.

"After school if some parents work you can do that around the house, so it's not like you have to use ovens or anything," said 11-year-old Sarah Petersen.

"It's a collection of children's recipes," said Junior League of Tyler President LeAnn Strnadel.  "It's also great for the family, easy to cook recipes and it's fun for the whole family."  The cookbook Ring Around the Rosie is available at Barnes and Noble in Tyler.

Tracy Watler, Reporting.


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