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Dog Found Dead In Dumpster

This afternoon, Smith County animal control officers found a mistreated black lab mix dead inside a dumpster at Palestine Pines RV Resort in Flint.

The owner of the RV park, Craig Peckarsky, 45, was arrested and charged with animal cruelty.

"I mean it's just heart breaking, that anybody can be so cruel," one neighbor said, "and what ever time he gets...whatever happens, he deserves it."

The neighbor did not want to be identified, but says she could not believe what she saw at her RV park.

She told Smith County authorities that she found the dog tied to a stop sign with an electrical cord and with tape around his mouth.

The neighbor asked Peckarsky why he had the dog tied up, with no food, water, and with tape around his mouth.

Peckarsky's response was that the dog had been barking and woke him up early that morning.

"And I said, well that's no reason to tie him up," the neighbor said.

She was amazed at such animal cruelty and after calling several county agencies and getting no response, she decided to call KLTV News and that's when we contacted Smith County Constables.

County Constables visited the site and they found the dog dead and tossed in a dumpster.

Constable Natalie Jay says Peckarsky was offered the opportunity to have an arrest warrant and he chose to voluntarily surrender himself.

"You can't just tie a dog up with no water for twelve hours, or in this case, put tape around its mouth where it can't bark or can't cool itself off.  It's generally the same thing as leaving your animal in a car," she said.

Smith County officials are still looking for the owner of the dog.

He is described as being a black lab mix, not neutered, and with a tuft of white hair on his chest.

If you know the dog or its owners, please call the Smith County Constable's Precinct Two office at 903.590.4841. 

Layron Livingston, Reporting 

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