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8/23/07 - Tyler

New Tyler School Campuses Are Ready For The First Day of School

When you walk into the doors of Douglas Elementary school, a sense of rich heritage greets you at the door.

"We've incorporated a lot of heritage into the building from the old building into the new building, architecturally and tried to preserve that," said Tim Lopes, Director of Facility Services for Tyler Independent School District.

 With a capacity of seven-hundred and fifty students, "Jack Elementary" is the first new school to be built in the Tyler school district, in over twenty years.

 "This is something new that kids will be a part of, and their parents will be a part of and creating almost a historical moment. We'll be able to look back fifty years from now and say that we attended that school, when it opened, " said principal Shawna Hittle.

The next two schools, Austin and Bonner Elementary, have reading nooks in the libraries, sports courts, and workout equipment.

The most unique features, is a hallway that goes as far as the eye can see.

 "It's what we call "Main Street," all of the points of interest, the libraries, the cafeterias, the wings are right off of main street. It gives good visibility for the teachers and the staff," said Lopes.

 "Bonner Elementary was one of our older schools and we were able to bring some of the heritage from that school and incorporate some of the original pieces of cast stone into the building," said Lopes.

With all new equipment, computers, and classrooms, it's a clear sign that students at these four schools are in for a big surprise. 

LaKecia Shockley, reporting.


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