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Two Sexually Oriented Businesses Hope To Set Up Shop In Longview

Two sexually-oriented businesses, almost next door to each other are hoping to set up shop in Longview, but they aren't getting much support, not even from fellow business owners. 

For more than 10 years the city of Longview has had an ordinance in place for sexually oriented businesses and in that time, very few have opened. But now just within the last month, two businesses have requested permission to open their doors inside the city limits.

Right now, it's an empty building that may not look like much, but the sign says in the window says it all--"sexually oriented business."

The owner, Buddy Robinson, says it's going to be an "adult super store" selling everything from pornographic videos to lingerie.

"I don't see anything wrong with this business, it's something we do all over the United States, and we're free to do the business that people want," says Robinson.

But nearby business owners don't agree. They want the store to shut its doors before they even open.  

"We don't want it here, we don't want it anywhere around us, we have a grandson that's here with us on a daily basis and we just we don't want that type business here," says Lisa Tucker with Longview Alternator and Starter.

"I feel like we're being surrounded, and it's just, if they want to open this type of business, get out in the country where they're by themselves," says Angeline Fierros with Cherokee Asphalt Company.

But Robinson, says he is out of the way with no schools, churches, or houses even close to his business.  

"I chose it because it's about the only legal location left in the city," he says.

Robinson says he has every right to set up shop and he believes he'll get plenty of customers.  
"We get business from every aspects of life, we'll have lawyers, teachers, policemen everyone, that wants to go to an adult store, they're free to go there," he explains.

But nearby business owners say if they have anything to do with it, hopefully the empty buildings will stay just that--empty.

One business told KLTV 7 they wrote a letter to the police department, with signatures from business owners, opposing the adult stores' opening.

Longview Police Chief J. B. McCaleb has 30 days to review the request and decide whether a permit will be issued, but we've been told as long as all legal criteria is met, a license must be given out.

Tracy Watler, Reporting 

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